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More than 40 years of experience in renting vacation apartments in Croatia …

My great-grandfather owned the land at Starine right next to the Pirovac seashore, which in the 1920-ties was not considered being of much value as it could not be used for growing crops.
Upon inheriting the western part of the land, my parents started building their beach house in the mid-sixties. The villagers were surprised by their choice of location “so far away from the village center” (300 meters).

Love and dedication as motto when it comes to vacation home rentals

In the early seventies, tourists started coming to Pirovac, and my parents began offering rentals at the beach. Tourism was blooming and it did not take many seasons before our beach house for rent turned into a pension welcoming twenty or more people at a time. My parents kept running the place with love and dedication until they passed away in 2010 and 2011.
After inheriting the property, my husband and I modernized and refurnished the beach house for rent and transformed it into beach holiday apartments for couples Croatia, continuing to nurture the idea of renting it to lovers of beautiful nature who appreciate the relaxing atmosphere of the small seaside town.

Why MIDAV and the turtle as logo for beach house for rent

In the loving memory of my parents Milos and Ida, the house is named MIDAV, which is a combination of our three names. The cute little turtle symbolizes the rich animal life of the area – including our own garden where we always have a turtle or two walking around. The KL on the tortoiseshell are the initials of my husband’s surname and a token of gratitude for his great efforts into turning the beachfront apartments for rent into our seaside dream.
Finally, the turtle and its longevity are a symbol of our home’s transgenerational openness to guests.

Stay 4 weeks and get


Free transfer from Split or Zadar airport


Complimentary wine & fruit upon arrival


Hosted Dalmatian farewell dinner